About Opatija

Opatija is a place rich in cultural and entertainment events, unique culinary delicacies and, in recent years, in superb wellness and beauty treatments. Opatija is absolutely the ideal destination for a totally relaxing holiday.
The history of Opatija goes deeply into the past. Today's residents are descendants of the Liburni, who were present in this region from the 9th century BC. They were known as skilled navigators and builders of fast ships.

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What to see in Opatija?

St. James Church - from the 15th century; with the monastery it is the place where today's Opatija was born.

Villa Angelina - a beautiful building built in 1844, once a central place of entertainment for the aristocracy in that period; it lies in the middle of the botanical garden and it is now a Museum of tourism.

The sculpture 'Girl with a seagull' - set on a cliff by the sea; created in 1956.

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